A busy week for Chuffed Buff Books! Submissions close on Friday for both our SENSE FIVE and JOURNEY TO CRONE anthologies. The inbox is stuffed with subs at the moment and I’m looking forward to digging in. If you have a poem or a short story you’d like to submit, there’s still time! (If you’re working on something and time is tight and you need an extra day or so, just give a shout and take the weekend – I won’t likely start sorting until next week anyways.) SUNDAY SNAPS: THE STORIES is trudging along but it IS in the final stages (formatting the photos has caused some snares, and the software I’m using for the layout has thrown some curve balls) – contract and final proof are in the ‘as soon as’  pile. As are the plans for the writers interviews. The YOU, ME & A BIT OF WE anthology is moving along as well. A third of the stories have had some minor edits and are about to be typed up and sent out for approval – the rest will follow in September. The anthology cover has a new look! AUTHOR’S BIOS are mostly up on the website. I’ve about half a dozen that are waiting to go up but expect they’ll be there by Friday. If you haven’t sent yours in, or if you have and it’s not up by then, please drop me an email.

Submissions will be closed as of 1 September and will not open again until early 2013.
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