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Ongoing until 31st August 2012 Poetry A book of poems by and about women. Open to all forms. We are looking for captivating and insightful poetry that reflects all things maiden, mother and crone. The anthology aims to voice and cherish the vast experiences of womanhood and female wisdom. All subjects, light and dark, welcome. […]

Deadline for Poetry Submissions

31 August 2012 Due to a high number of entries between March and July, we will no longer be holding the third submission intake (Sept-Nov) for our ‘Journey to Crone’ anthology.  The final deadline is now the end of August. A warm thank you to all who have submitted (your response and poetry has been fantastic!) […]

Marie Carmichael Stopes

AMAZING WOMEN, AMAZING JOURNEYS In continued celebration of International Women’s Day this blog will profile eight amazing women throughout the month of March. ~ It is never easy to make marriage a lovely thing; and it is an achievement beyond the powers of the selfish, or the mentally cowardly.  Knowledge is needed and, as things […]