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Books to Order & Subs Open!

We are happy to announce that our first two titles are now available for pre-order. ‘Journey to Crone’ and ‘Sunday Snaps: the Stories’ will be available via Amazon in April, however both can be pre-ordered now on this site via the Chuffed Bookshop. Submissions are now open for our second poetry anthology and we are […]


A busy week for Chuffed Buff Books! Submissions close on Friday for both our SENSE FIVE and JOURNEY TO CRONE anthologies. The inbox is stuffed with subs at the moment and I’m looking forward to digging in. If you have a poem or a short story you’d like to submit, there’s still time! (If you’re […]


Ongoing until 31st August 2012 Poetry A book of poems by and about women. Open to all forms. We are looking for captivating and insightful poetry that reflects all things maiden, mother and crone. The anthology aims to voice and cherish the vast experiences of womanhood and female wisdom. All subjects, light and dark, welcome. […]