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Printing on demand…

Meet Opus, the nifty Espresso-print-a-book-on-demand-whilst-you-wait (or gawp in awe) mechanical wonder! Opus lives at the Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington, DC where I recently had the opportunity to see him in action. Quite a thrill, but such a pity he doesn’t have any cousins on this side of the Atlantic! Watch for the bit where the pages are snuggled into the cover.


The following titles are available to print via the Espresso Book Machine. Click the links for a list of locations or check out the Bookshop page for alternative options.

You, Me & a Bit of We

Journey to Crone


The art of haiga

Haiga, the art of combining imagery and words, was a well-established Japanese tradition before it became especially popular in 17th-19th century Japan. During this time (Edo Period) a number of influential haiku masters / painters merged the two art forms. The genre reflects different styles and approaches, from simple sketches to elaborate artwork depending on the artist’s preference and skill.

Contemporary haiga may use a variety of visual media including photography and digital imagery.

We are looking for a selection of summer inspired haiga for the next issue of Kigo: Seasonal Words. The following are some suggested images taken from Kyoto Gardens in London’s Holland Park. If you have a haiku to go with either image then send it through! Alternatively, you are welcome to submit your own haiga (image complete with haiku whether by a single artist or collaboration). For full details please see the guidelines on the submissions page. To read issue 1 click here.

The deadline for the summer issue is 13 June 2014.