‘The Woman and the Raccoon Kits’ in Journey to Crone

Christina has been writing for more than half a century; her poems and prose appear in books, small mags and online journals.  In 2009 Notes from the Red Zone, originally published by Seal Press in 1983 as a part of their anti-nuclear series, was the inaugural winner in the ReBound Series by Seven Kitchens Press.  How to Measure the Darkness is the initial chapbook in the Summer Kitchen Series 2012 by Seven Kitchens.   From a working class Polish family in Detroit, Michigan, she has lived in New York City, the Pacific Northwest, North Dakota, Tennessee, the Carolinas and Alaska. She worked as a poet-in- the schools in Washington state, South Carolina, the North Carolina Visiting Artist program, and taught at-risk youth both sides of the Kansas/Missouri state line.  Her oeuvre and journals are available at the Bentley Historical Collection at the University of Michigan library in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

‘The Garden Swing’ in You, Me & a Bit of We

Monika has been a teacher of English for fifteen years and has experience at various levels. She left her job as a senior English teacher in a reputed girls’ college to write full-time. She has authored several series of English course books. Her articles, poems and short stories have been published in various collections and she is currently writing a couple of novels. She has contributed several pieces of real-life stories to most of the titles in the Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series, and has won the first prize in ‘Scribbles’ category in a writing competition conducted by Platform Magazine (Jul/Aug 2008). She has written a memoir as a cancer survivor and believes that her life changing experiences have given her a rare insight into the minds of others. She would love to travel and can be found blogging at http://monikapant.blogspot.com/.

‘Glamour Pie’ and ‘Test’ in Journey to Crone

Susie is a happily retired English professor whose poetry has appeared in Georgia Review, Kalliope, Alimentum, Earth’s Daughters, Negative Capability, among other magazines and journals.  She is, at present, working on a collection of poems about Mary Paul, a 19th-century textile mill worker.  She has two grown children, Amelia and Joseph Johnson. Most recently she has acquired a puppy, a lab mix named Lucy, who has chewed up numerous items in her house, including her miniature schnauzer’s ear.  Poor Lennon.

‘I Hate You’ in Journey to Crone
‘View from the Street’ in Cities

Danielle is a child of the 80s, born and bred in the North East of England. From a very early age Danielle was entranced by the art of storytelling which has led her through a diverse range of jobs. She mainly writes children’s stories and poetry and is never without a book to read. She lives with her fiancé on top of a hill in a house with a white picket fence. You can follow her musings @obombshellbetty

‘Cremation’ in Journey to Crone

Martha, Professor of English at Gateway Community College in New Haven Connecticut, USA, is a poet and essayist, whose work has appeared and is forthcoming in numerous journals and anthologies, including Freshwater, Fresh Ink, Naugatuck River Review, and Orpheus 2.  Her poem, “Ella Clare” won first prize in the 2010 Altrusa International of Central Connecticut Poetry Contest.  She has presented her innovative teaching ideas at worldwide conferences in countries as diverse as China, Nepal, and Brazil.  An ambitious traveler, her poetry has been inspired by scenarios as varied as the jungle solitude of Mayan ruins and the claustrophobic warrens of the Medina in Fez, Morocco.

‘Birdfeed’ in You, Me & a Bit of We

Emma grew up next to the M5 in Devon. It took her to London, where she now teaches in a primary school, via India, Japan and China. She began her writing life as a poet and her work has been featured in a number of anthologies and magazines in the past decade, most recently in Popshot and Mslexia’s ‘Four Lines That Rhyme’ slot. She began experimenting with short stories just over a year ago and hopes to one day have enough time to write a children’s novel. For the time being, education pays the rent.

‘In the Third Ward, Milwaukee’ in Cities

Kathleen lives and writes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After 40 years of country living, she and her husband relish the joys of city life. Now in her 70’s, Kathleen “retired” from teaching into writing and never looked back. She is a member of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Her creative nonfiction and poetry appear in numerous journals and anthologies. She has published eight chapbooks of her own poetry. Kathleen is now a member of the Hartford Avenue Poets. That group’s collection of poetry, Masquerades and Misdemeanors is published by PebblebrookPress (www.stoneboat@wi.com).