On the Other Side

So, we made it through the shortest day and longest night of the year and are now rolling (albeit slowly) towards summer!

Yesterday, 21st December 2013, was National Short Story Day and we celebrated with excerpts from our recent short story collection, You, Me & a Bit of We.  Here’s a list of the 42 stories. The passages are still up (links on the left) so please take a moment to scroll through for a taste of the anthology. The collection is a mix of flash fiction and short stories written in second or first person by the following writers. (Their details are listed above with some links to their websites and projects.)

Hettie Ashwin, Kim Bannerman, Cath Barton, Sharon Birch, Miki Byrne, Walter Campbell, Charlotte Comley, Annemaria Cooper, Meriah L Crawford, Stefanie Dao, Simone Davy, Laura Dunkeyson, Sarah Evans, Anne Fox, Robert Lee Frazier, Martin Gamble, Susan F Giles, Heidi Gilhooly, Anne Goodwin, Margaret Gracie, Cathryn Grant, E A M Harris, Dora L Harthen, Kati N Hendry, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Julia Hones, Amy Hulsey, Alexis A Hunter, Michelle Ann King, Deborah Klée, Tanya Jacob Knox, Meg Laverick, Diane Lefer, Diandra Linnemann, Nina Milton, Monika Pant, Emma Phillips, Barry Pomeroy, Zena Shapter, Jay R Thurston, Abigail Wyatt, Zarina Zabrisky.

Happy reading & happy holidays!


If you enjoyed the excerpts why not check out the paperback (£8.99) or Kindle(£1.99) edition of You, Me & a Bit of We?

The Kindle edition goes on sale for 99p on 26th December.


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