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  • Cities: A Book of Poems - Print and Kindle editions available. Poems by 40 poets.
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  • Journey to Crone, available in print and ebook editions.108 poems by 80 poets
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  • Sunday Snaps: the Stories, available in print and ebook editions.
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    Collection of Short Stories, Poetry and Photography

  • You, Me & a Bit of We, available in print and ebook editions. Collection of 42 short stories celebrating writing in first and second person.
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    For a taste of the anthology read some of the excerpts below.

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‘Dandy Lion Chains’ in Sunday Snaps: the Stories

Linda has taught medieval history and literature at the university level for several years. Her specialties include texts and their manuscripts in both Latin and Middle English, medieval spirituality and romance, and the cultural history of women and most recently children. She has published a number of articles on manuscripts and their readers, co-authored a book of academic dialogues on the literacy of medieval women (Voices in Dialogue, 2005), and has a beautifully illustrated introduction to Middle English manuscripts at press as she writes this (Opening Up Middle English Manuscript Studies). You can read some of her articles online at http://www.suite101.com/profile.cfm/722343.  Linda grew up on Vancouver Island, where she was an avid boater and lived on a classic wooden sailing yacht. She has published a couple of pieces on wooden boats, and a recent move to Newfoundland has inspired her to turn back to college days of Creative Writing workshops and try her hand at fiction and poetry. A short story of hers is due to appear in a new Canadian anthology of animal stories, two poems are coming out in a collection of poetry and paintings (Evocations from the Paintings of Carle Hessay), and Susan’s wonderful snapshot of a dandelion gone to seed proved irresistible.

‘Until the Darkness Comes’ in Tales of Mystery, Suspense & Terror

Patrick is a rising new talent in the world of Horror fiction. He resides in Dorset with wife, Nikki, and son, Benedict. He is currently working on his single author collection, The Darkest Eyes, and on his debut novel, No Contrition.

‘This is Not the Story of my Life’ in Tales of Mystery, Suspense & Terror

Carol lives in Seattle. She keeps her pet bats at Green Lake, her pet bears at the Woodland Park Zoo, and her pet butterflies dispersed through the city.