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Kigo: Seasonal Words

Every 4 months a new issue of Kigo: Seasonal Words   Four-monthly Poetry will be available for download.

The first issue will be published in April 2014 and will be followed by new issues in August and December.

Submissions for Issue 3: Fall/Winter are open until 1 November 2014, please see submission page for details.

The publication schedule is as follows.

KIGO - ISSUE 1 KIGO: SEASONAL WORDS, Issue 1  Download now!

ISSN 2055-3420
Issue 1: New Year / Spring, April 2014

Issue 1 of Kigo: Seasonal Words includes 100 haiku from the following 40 poets:
an’ya, Anne Carly Abad, Mary Jo Balistreri, Jane Blanchard, Wonja Brucker, Janice Canerdy, Trevor Davis, Carol Deprez, Amber Donofrio, Rani Drew, Tracy Falbe, Kate Falvey, Deborah Finkelstein, David Flanagan, Karin L Frank, Cynthia Gallaher, Kathie Giorgio, Diane Giardi, E A M Harris, Devin Harrison, Ed Higgins, Diane Jackman, Kristina Jensen, Mitch Kellaway, Kyle Laws, Katie Manning, Ilona Martonfi, Karen Middleton, Kathleen H Phillips, C D Reimer, Hap Rochelle, Jennine Scarboro, Paula Schulz, Michael Seese, Rachel Sutcliffe, Pat Tompkins, Dianalee Velie, Tyson West, Neal Whitman, Cherise Wyneken.


KIGO SEASONAL WORDS, Issue 2  Download now!

ISSN 2055-3420
Issue 2: Summer, August 2014

Issue 2 of Kigo: Seasonal Words showcases a mix of 100 poems, including haiku, tanka and haiga from the following poets: Mary Jo Balistreri, Jane Blanchard, Wonja Brucker, Carol Deprez, Tracy Davidson, Amber Donofrio, Karin L. Frank, Devin Harrison, Diane Jackman, M Kei, Keely Khoury, Ilona Martonfi, Kathleen H. Phillips, Ana Prundaru, C D Reimer, Violette Rose-Jones, Paula Schulz, Michael Seese , Sneha Sundaram, Debbie Strange, Rachel Sutcliffe, Pat Tompkins, Tyson West, Neal Whitman, Cherise Wyneken. Special features in this issue include; a selection of ‘Courtship Tanka’ written by Tracy Davidson, Devin Harrison, Violette Rose-Jones, Tyson West, and Neal Whitman; personal reflections by Violette Rose-Jones and Neal Whitman on what haiku means to them; and details of the next callout.


Kigo_Issue 3 - Copy

Issue 3: Fall / Winter
Publication date: December 2014
(Submissions open 1 September – 1 November 2014 – Haiku, tanka and haibun wanted!)