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Kigo: Seasonal Words – Submissions (Closed)

Submissions are now open for a new online publication set to showcase the beauty of haiku. It is anticipated that there will be three issues per year. The first issue will focus on the late winter and spring seasons and will include New Year. The second issue will celebrate summer and the third, autumn. Each issue will be available for free on this website. It is anticipated that the three issues will be anthologised in a print edition at the end of the year.

The focus of the first issue is ‘New Year/Spring’. Transition, emergence and rebirth. From the final dark days of winter, the celebration of a new year, to the fresh blossoming of springtime, submissions should reflect the nature of these seasons and make use of traditional kigo—seasonal words.


KIGO - ISSUE 1Deadline: 14 March 2014  (NOW CLOSED)

Submission guidelines-haiku

Send submissions to haiku@chuffedbuffbooks.com

A kigo a day…New Year/Spring


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