International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day.  It is a day to celebrate the achievements of women across the globe and to reflect on how far we’ve come, (whether economically, socially, politically, spiritually, or personally) and how far we’ve yet to go.  Many initiatives and events will take place over the course of the day and throughout the month of March.  The United Nations IWD theme for 2012 is ‘Empower Rural Women: End Hunger and Poverty.’  Each year an overarching theme is set, with many organizations taking it on to suit various contexts.  Other groups adapt it, or create their own Women’s Day themes.  For more information on how International Women’s Day started and for a list of events, visit the IWD website.

In celebration of the day, a series of eight blog-posts on the theme of ‘Amazing Women and Amazing Journeys’ will be posted on this site.  Each of the eight posts will feature a woman I’ve found particularly inspiring.

Also, in the spirit of celebrating women, our poetry anthology is now open to submissions.  We are looking for captivating and insightful poetry that reflects all things maiden, mother and crone.  Journey to Crone aims to celebrate women, female wisdom, and all stages of womanhood.  Submissions will be taken throughout the year until either the anthology is full, or late autumn.  The book will launch on 8th March 2013.  Check out our submission and guideline pages for full details.


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