Happy World Poetry Day to Sue, Mary, Kate & Abigail!

Sue Mackrell writes poems, short stories and short plays which have been published in Welsh and English anthologies and magazines, online, on posters, and broadcast on radio. Her work has appeared, or will appear, in Riptide, The Coffee House, Roundyhouse, Poems in the Waiting Room, Beginnings, Speaking Words, Raw Edge, and as a poetry collection, Rhythms. She teaches Creative Writing at Loughborough University and is a director of Crystal Clear Creators, a not for profit organisation committed to promoting new writing. She lives near Leicester and with her husband David she runs creative writing workshops in schools, colleges, hospitals, museums, and arts venues.

Mary Shanley is a poet/writer, living in New York City. She has had two books published: Hobo Code Poems and Mott Street Stories and Las Vegas Stories. She publishes online, at: Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, StepAway Magazine, Anak Sastra Asian Journal, Hobo Camp Review, and Blue Lake Journal. She began publishing in the 80’s in Long Shot Magazine, which was started by a donation from Allen Ginsberg. There is a film currently in production, featuring Mary’s poem, ‘Times Square Shuttle’.

Kate Falvey work has appeared in numerous print and online journals, including Memoir (and), Hoboeye, Volume, Fringe, Umbrella Journal, Saxifrage, Italian Americana, Hospital Drive, the Citron Review, Turbulence, and Revival Literary Journal. She is on the editorial board of New York University/Langone Medical Center’s Bellevue Literary Review and is editor in chief of the 2 Bridges Review, published through the City Tech of the City University of New York, where she teaches. She lives in Long Beach, New York, with her teenage daughter.

Abigail Wyatt was born in and grew up in Essex but has spent most of her adult life in Cornwall. After twenty years in the teaching profession, she now writes poetry and short fiction and has been fortunate enough to place her work in a variety of outlets. The author of two collections of poetry, Moths in Jar (2010) and Moths and Nightjars (2012), Abigail’s short stories, Old Soldiers, Old Bones and Other Stories, (One Million Stories) was published in June, 2012. Abigail Wyatt is one of the three founding members of the Red River Poets, a group of poets who associate themselves with the industrial heartland of Cornwall. She enjoys performing her work at local venues and will appear at the Penzance Literary Festival. She is the winner of the 2012 Lisa Thomas Poetry prize.