Happy World Poetry Day to Kory, Jenny, V F, & Amber!

Kory Wells often performs her poems with her daughter Kelsey, an Appalachian old-time musician, in an act that’s been called “moving, fun, spiritual and sassy.” The duo released their spoken word and roots music album Decent Pan of Cornbread in 2012. Kory is author of the poetry collection Heaven Was the Moon (March Street Press, 2009), and her “standout” nonfiction, praised by Ladies’ Home Journal, leads the anthology She’s Such a Geek (Seal Press, 2006). Her poetry and prose have appeared in numerous publications, including Christian Science Monitor, Ruminate, Literary Mama, and Deep South Magazine. She lives near Nashville, Tennessee.

Jenny Hockey is living in Sheffield, UK, for the second time, with her partner. She has family living nearby, including two of her three grandchildren. She is a member of two Sheffield writers’ groups, Tuesday Poets and Broomspring Writers and has published poems in collections as well as magazines such as Magma, Iota, Orbis, Interpreter’s House, Dreamcatcher and The New Writer. She retired recently from academic life, mainly to spend more time writing poetry. Her remaining academic interests include a research project on shoes and identity. Death, memory, landscape and loss are other areas that inspire both her academic work and her poetry. When she’s not at one desk or another she is likely to be cycling, running, sewing, knitting or making jewellery.

V F Elliott is a lecturer in English and Education at the University of York. She has been both a tight-head prop and a Viking re-enactor. Her poetry has been published in the Mays Anthology, the Oxford Magazine and the Scottish Poetry Review.

Amber Decker, born in 1982 in the state of Maryland, is the author of the poetry collections Sweet Relish (2002) and Lost Girls (2010). She has been many things besides a poet—a sales girl, a rodeo princess, a security guard, and a warehouse worker. These days, Amber lives in West Virginia and spends her free time reading fantasy novels, playing video games, traveling and attending college. She does the “poet thing” semi-regularly on her blog: Rough Verse.