Happy World Poetry Day to A J, Steve & Roslyn!

A J Humpage has been writing for over 25 years and previously worked in the publishing industry after wanting to become a journalist. She first became published at 19 while working for a local newspaper and magazine. Since then she has published short stories, flash fiction and poetry in anthologies like 6 Sentences, Pill Hill Press and Static Movement, as well as many online e-zines like Thrillers Killers ‘n’ Chillers. She has also been published in specialised UK fiction magazines and has written many articles on a wide range of subjects, including teaching guides for vocational qualification courses in creative fiction. She dispenses writing advice at All Write – Fiction Advice. You can also find her on twitter as @AJHumpage. She has completed her first novel and is working on a second, based on the successful short story Red Snow of Vledovka. She works full time as a Quality Manager and lives in the UK.

Steve Isaak is the author of two anthologies, Can’t sleep: poems, 1987–2007 and Charge of the scarlet b-sides: microsex stories & poems. He is also a contributor and editor of two sites, Reading & Writing by Pub Light and the multi-author Microstory a Week. His work has appeared, or is slated to appear, on these websites (sometimes under the nom de plume “Nikki Isaak”): Erotica Readers & Writers Association, Leodegraunce, Amoret, Ophelia’s Muse, Flashes in the Dark, Howls & Pushycats, Every Night Erotica, Divine Pleasures, and others.

Roslyn Ross is a journalist by profession with some forty years spent as a feature writer, sub-editor, layout sub-editor, and editor for newspapers and magazines. She now works as a manuscript editor—a portable profession which suits her peripatetic lifestyle perfectly. She does a lot of work for a self-publisher which gives her, as an unpublished author, an enormous sense of satisfaction. Bringing to birth books which have come from the soul but which in many cases would not otherwise see the light of day. Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, for the past twenty-five years Roslyn has spent much of her time living overseas including Belgium; India; Angola; South Africa; Zambia; Canada; United Kingdom and currently, Malawi. She has also spent long periods in Russia, Portugal and the United States. She considers herself a nomad of sorts. Roslyn began writing about twenty years ago and has completed five novels. One work of non-fiction is based on her time in Angola during the civil war. Currently, she is writing a non-fiction book that traces the lineage of her Greek great-grandfather, is working on a book on spirituality, and is writing her sixth novel. Roslyn also writes poetry and has a diverse range of interests.