Happy World Poetry Day Gretchen, Laura, Miki & Karina!

Gretchen Matis writes about family, mothering, aging, and domesticity. Subjects include slicing melons, crow love, overgrown potato vines, and the first time her daughter used her lipstick. She has published fiction in Swivel: The Nexus of Women and Wit and art criticism in Art in America, Art Papers, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She is a Waldorf teacher in Seattle, Washington where she lives with her husband and two daughters.

Laura Eppinger graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in 2008 with a degree in Journalism, and she’s been writing creatively ever since. Her laptop screen got cracked during a year in Cape Town, South Africa, so she composes in teeny, tiny windows. (But it doesn’t stop her from writing.) A full list of her publications can be found on her blog, Loli on the Shore.

Miki Byrne is the author of Nice-bits & Hissy-fits and Mackerel Sky. Both collections of poetry. She reads her work at festivals and open mic’s. Miki has had work included in over 120 poetry magazines and anthologies. She has won many prizes for her poetry and has read on both Radio and TV and judged poetry competitions. She has had ten short stories published to date and contributes articles to magazines. Miki is disabled and writes something every day. Her new collection Flying Through Houses (Indigo Dreams Press) was published in 2012.

Karina Vidler dared to start writing poetry in her thirties, after wanting to for twenty years. Reading other people’s poetry reassures her that she is not, after all, mad or alone in this world. Karina grew up in Kent, studied at Oxford University way back in what feels like a different life, and now lives and works on the hard-bitten northern edge of London. She shares an otherwise empty nest with a large ginger cat named Kevin who, unlike her children, finds himself unable to escape to university. Karina’s poems have appeared in the magazines Between the Lines, Equinox, 14, Orbis, The North, South, and South Bank Poetry. Karina collaborated with a group of fellow writers to produce the anthology Ordinary Magic (Poets Unlimited). Her poems have also been anthologised in Genius Floored (Soaring Penguin Press) and Seeking Refuge (Cinnamon Press).