‘Last Funeral But Two’ in You, Me & a Bit of We
‘The Train Passes Through’ in Cities

E. A. M. Harris has been writing ever since she learned how but, like many writers, has had to let the ‘day job’ take up most of her time. After obtaining a degree in botany and genetics she had a varied career as lab technician, accounting technician, self-employed typesetter, and group work tutor. Now that she is retired she has time to devote to writing and has taken courses, joined writers’ organisations, and started sending work out to magazines and agents. She has had a few ‘honourable mentions’ in poetry competitions as well as poems and short fiction published in print and online. She blogs at http://eamharris.com.

‘Island Rocks’ in You, Me & a Bit of We
‘City of Tales’ in Cities

Dora dabbles in poetry and short stories. She loves to read, garden and quilt. Dora lives in Scotland with her husband, young son and two Basset Hounds.

‘Our Relationship with Thieves’ in You, Me & a Bit of We

Kati began writing with her right hand when she was three and her left hand when she was four. She grew up beside a slaughter-house in South Carolina, was educated in historic Charleston, and married an Edinburgh man. She now writes, takes very long walks, and tries to get extroverted in Los Angeles. You can keep up with her goings-on http://www.katiroll.wordpress.com.

A haiku and ‘Resonate’ in Sunday Snaps: the Stories

D A; poet, partner, parent and grandparent enjoys writing free verse, different haiku forms and prose and has been published as an amateur poet in a college literary magazine, local newspaper, a chap book, and two women’s collective books.  In 2011; entered and won an honourable mention for a haiku contest, and entered the Poetry Paths competition sponsored by the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House at Franklin & Marshall College.  Home is where the heart is, which is now in south eastern Pennsylvania. Inspiration is gathered from living life, stopping to breathe and then writing it down. And of course Susan’s wonderful photographs.

‘Sabah’ in Sunday Snaps: the Stories

Stephen originally comes from Nairn, Scotland, where he once – as a baby – met Charlie Chaplin. Now staying in Dundee, he has worked for over seventeen years in digital media, as a game designer, game writer, and multimedia developer. He also inked comics for a while.  Stephen has written game content for a number of AAA games, along with promotional articles for various games magazines. Most of the cast of The Simpsons (including Dan Castellaneta) and lots of the actors from the film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, have recorded his words.  Stephen regularly writes short, slightly strange, fiction which appears at Café Shorts.

‘When the Wind Changes’ in You, Me & a Bit of We

Debz Hobbs-Wyatt was born in Essex and now lives and works as a full time writer/editor from her home in the mountains of Snowdonia. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Bangor University and has had several short stories published. She has also been short listed in a number of writing competitions, including being nominated for the prestigious US Pushcart Prize 2013 and has made the short list of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2013 and won the Bath Short Story Award 2013. Her debut novel While No One Was Watching will be published by Parthian Books this October.  She edits and critiques for publishers and writers and has a daily writing Blog. Her website is www.debzhobbs-wyatt.co.uk.

‘Laundry’ and ‘Shift Work’ in Journey to Crone

Jenny is living in Sheffield, UK, for the second time, with her partner. She has family living nearby, including two of her three grandchildren. She is a member of two Sheffield writers’ groups, Tuesday Poets and Broomspring Writers and has published poems in collections as well as magazines such as Magma, Iota, Orbis, Interpreter’s House, Dreamcatcher and The New Writer. She retired recently from academic life, mainly to spend more time writing poetry. Her remaining academic interests include a research project on shoes and identity http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/iftheshoefits. Death, memory, landscape and loss are other areas that inspire both her academic work and her poetry. When she’s not at one desk or another she is likely to be cycling, running, sewing, knitting or making jewellery.

‘Crones on the Road’ in Journey to Crone

Living in central New York for the past few years, Cher writes and quilts and gardens. She is a third degree black belt in aikido. Poetry is history. It keeps the records of family and self, encapsulating them in tiny novels.

‘A Hospital in Latin America’ in You, Me & a Bit of We

Julia Hones writes poems, short stories, flash fiction, essays and book reviews. Her work has appeared and is forthcoming in literary journals and anthologies, both online and in print. She is the poetry editor of the Southern Pacific Review. You can learn more about her published and forthcoming material by visiting her blog, http://juliahoneswritinglife.blogspot.com. Julia blogs about life, writing, literature and art. 

‘Got You’ in You, Me & a Bit of We

Amy was born and raised in central California, the fourth of nine children. She recently graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor’s in English. This will be her first time getting published. She worked on ‘Got You’ for two years before submitting it for publication, and it is, to date, the work she is most proud of. She never would have begun writing fiction if it were not for a high school teacher, Jerry Hendershot, whom she would like to thank.

‘Reflections’ and ‘Beautiful Land’ in Sunday Snaps: the Stories

A J has been writing for over 25 years and previously worked in the publishing industry after wanting to become a journalist. She first became published at 19 while working for a local newspaper and magazine. Since then she has published short stories, flash fiction and poetry in anthologies like 6 Sentences, Pill Hill Press and Static Movement, as well as many online e-zines like Thrillers Killers ‘n’ Chillers.  She has also been published in specialised UK fiction magazines and has written many articles on a wide range of subjects, including teaching guides for vocational qualification courses in creative fiction.  She dispenses writing advice at All Write – Fiction Advice and many of her short stories, flash fiction and poetry can be found at http://ajhumpage.blogspot.com/ You can also find her on Twitter: @AJHumpage.  She has completed her first novel and is working on a second novel, based on the successful short story Red Snow of Vledovka. She works full time as a Quality Manager and lives in the UK.

‘Blood Song’ in You, Me & a Bit of We

A lifelong fan of the Fantasy genre, Alexis has a passion for all things mythical, ethereal and out of this world.  Thankfully, she types her stories out now instead of scribbling them in notebooks like she did as a child.  To learn more about Alexis and her adventures with short fiction visit www.idreamagain.wordpress.com.

‘4am Victoria Station’ in Cities

Kate has travelled widely in around the world and uses these journeys to inspire her writing. She has taught in Africa and the Middle East and continues her work in the Midlands, where she lives, married happily to Patrick. They share their lives with two cats.

‘Survival Skills’ in Journey to Crone

Kate teaches English and is Fine and Performing Arts Coordinator at a large high school in suburban Chicago. A chapbook of her poetry, The Gray Limbo of Perhaps, was published in 2012 by Finishing Line Press. Kate’s poems have also appeared in over twenty literary magazines, including Shenandoah, The Dos Passos Review, and Passager, and have won two national contests, one of which earned her a Pushcart nomination. Her personal essays have been published in several books and literary magazines, including a memoir piece at Whistling Fire online. For fun, she dabbles with a blog, “Life on Both Sides of the Window,” found at: www.PoetKateHutchinson.wordpress.com.