Congratulations! Journey to Crone

Journey to Crone

Congratulations to the following writers who have had their work short-listed for the Journey to Crone anthology!

Susan Adams (Want)
Carol Alexander (Bare)
Allie Marini Batts (Maiden, Wife, Mother, Crone)
JoAnne Bauer (Revived)
Dominika Bednarska (Silences out of Sound)
Carolyn Belcher (Jessica)
Kelly Bird (Prayer for the Lost Ones (abortion poem))
Paola Borella (Venomous Vase, Life through My Eyes)
Naomi Bouriaque (From Darkness to Light)
Maureen Bowden (Late Mother)
Maggie Butler (She Wore Me Out)
Miki Byrne (Mother’s Day Card)
Valentina Cano (The Hypocrite’s Excuse)
Ann Cefola (Theotokos; What I Took from the Torah Scholar)
Tracey Clark (Farewell to a Stranger)
Alyssa Cooper (Mother)
Victoria Cole (Epi-taph)
Barbara Crooker (California Poppies)
Tina Culp Barton (Inner Child)
Tracy Davidson (The Change; Surrogate)
Rachel Davies (Cane Toad)
Amber Decker (Housework)
Rani Drew (Nothing Matters)
V F Elliott (Slug)
Laura Eppinger (Daughters)
Kate Falvey (Hokey Goddess)
Marta Ferguson (Drawer)
Deborah Finkelstein (Purple)
Gretchen Fletcher (Western Women)
Ann Gibson (Taking Off; Pushy Bitch)
Kathie Giorgio (Bumps in the Road)
Ellie Golder (The Bath; The Other Option)
M. M. Lynne Guay (What Forty-Something Means; One of my Wishes)
Jenny Hockey (Laundry; Shift Work)
Cher Holt-Fortin (Crones on the Road)
Kate Hutchinson (Survival skills)
Sandra Ireland (The Moon-Pause)
Diane Jackman (Stones)
Kristina Jensen (Growing Old)
Anna Kiss (Genitive (singular))
April Krassner (Gender Olympics)
Maude Larke (To an Iron Wench)
Kyle Laws (We Fade Away Suddenly Like the Grass)
Sally Long (Mother and Child Reclining)
Sue Mackrell (The Myth of my Mother)
Eileen Malone (Wind Chime Maker)
Arlene L. Mandell (Blurred Vision)
Katie Manning (Trimester; I Already Love Your Baby; Belly of the Whale)
Gretchen Matis (Caring for a Wound; Oysterville Notebook)
Janet McCann (The Crone at the Casino; Retirements in Late Spring)
Tatia Nichols-Arlès (Eclipsing the Other; Gymnast)
Christina Pacosz (The Woman and the Raccoon Kits)
Susie Paul (Glamour Pie; Test)
Danielle Angela Pegg (I Hate You)
Martha Phelan Hayes (Cremation)
Tara Rogers (Wife. Mother.)
M.S. Rooney (untitled poem)
Lori Rottenberg (Silent Lullabies; Cloister; My Mother’s Puzzles; Cleft)
Katherine DiBella Seluja (He was Lorenzo all through October)
Janet Saenz (Crown Chalice River)
Mary Shanley (After She’s Gone)
Hilary Sideris (To a Gray Turtleneck; To a Male Model)
Kelly Stiles (Stealing Skeleton Bread; The Crone)
Janet Sunderland (Medusa’s Face; Queen to Black Knight Four)
Rachel Sutcliffe (All)
Anne Swannell (Looking Back)
Kerry Trautman (Absorbing Milk from an Overturned Glass; Bathrooms are for Bathing)
Meredith Trede (Respite in Cancale)
Zoe Tuckley (Not Viable)
Francine Van Den Berg (The Maiden in the Mirror)
Claudia Van Gerven (Red Dress)
Dianalee Velie (Pink Moment)
Karina Vidler (Facing; Pre-Teen Gothic; September)
Sarah Elizabeth Brown Weitzman (Twelfth Week Birthing)
Kory Wells (Unlike Emily’s)
Katharine Wheeler (Nineteen Today; Warrior Queen)
Allyson Whipple (I Hear the Thunder)
Barbara Wiedemann (A Tale of a Husband and a Wife; The Mythic Riders of Horses; Thirteen)
Jessica Wright (Doll-Woman; Making Cuts)
Abigail Wyatt (Long Falling Down)
Cherise Wyneken (Angles; Sixty-Two Years)

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