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Chuffed to hit the High Street!

Pop in to Sidcup & Co, 9 High St, Sidcup to check out our titles in the flesh!

Printing on demand…

Meet Opus, the nifty Espresso-print-a-book-on-demand-whilst-you-wait (or gawp in awe) mechanical wonder! Opus lives at the Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington, DC where I recently had the opportunity to see him in action. Quite a thrill, but such a pity he doesn’t have any cousins on this side of the Atlantic! Watch for the bit […]

The art of haiga

Haiga, the art of combining imagery and words, was a well-established Japanese tradition before it became especially popular in 17th-19th century Japan. During this time (Edo Period) a number of influential haiku masters / painters merged the two art forms. The genre reflects different styles and approaches, from simple sketches to elaborate artwork depending on […]