‘The Mother of Sands’ in Tales of Mystery, Suspense & Terror

Stewart is an academic librarian, haikuist, and speculative fiction writer. Stewart’s fiction and poetry has appeared in Acorn, COSMOS Online, Modern Haiku, and Flash Fiction Online, among other magazines. Stewart was born in England, spent time in South Carolina, Japan, and California, and now lives in western Oregon with his family—although if anyone asks, he’ll say he’s from the Internet.

‘Pity Kisser’ in Sunday Snaps: the Stories
‘Lost to the Rising Tide’ in You, Me & a Bit of We

Kim’s short stories have been published across North America, Europe and Australia, and have appeared in Room of One’s Own Journal, Parabola Magazine, Lichen Literary Review, Herizons Magazine and Neo-Opsis Magazine. Her short story, ‘The Mask and The Maze’, was nominated for a Hugo award in 2006, and she was the recipient of a Canada Council Grant for Writing in 2008.  She has three published novels, ‘The Tattooed Wolf’ (2004), ‘The Wolf of Gilsbury Cross’ (2006), and ‘The Fire Song’ (2011).  Kim lives on an island in the Pacific, but sadly, not the tropical part.

‘The Marble Dragon’ in Sunday Snaps: the Stories
‘The Second Coming’ in You, Me & a Bit of We

Cath is an English singer, writer and photographer of Scottish descent who lives in Wales. She particularly enjoys writing short fiction.  She’s edging up her word count, but definitely doesn’t plan to write a novel.  Her work has been published here and there, and she’s particularly proud to be included in Fractured West and 100 Stories for Queensland.  She was runner-up in the 2010 Leaf Books Nano-Fiction competition and her story ‘Elsewhere’ is included in their anthology Pod.  Cath’s photographs have been published in Vapid Kitten, MediaVirus Magazine and Mixed Fruit. You can see visit her exhibition of photographs of Wales at www.camelsaloonwales.blogspot.com.  Cath has a fondness for the quirky and the whimsical, but hopes she cannot easily be pigeon-holed and aims to remain surprising, even to those who know her best.

‘Maiden, Wife, Mother, Crone’ in Journey to Crone

Allie came here to kick ass and chew bubble-gum, and she’s ALL out of bubble-gum. She is a graduate of New College of Florida, meaning she can explain deconstructionism, but cannot perform simple math. Her work has appeared in over eighty literary magazines her family hasn’t heard of. Allie calls Tallahassee home because it has great trees to climb, and conveniently, her husband happens to live there, too. She’s pursuing her MFA degree in Creative Writing through Antioch University Los Angeles and…..oh no! It’s getting away! To read more of Allie’s work, please visit kiddeternity.wordpress.com, or to read her book reviews and literary blogging, visit Bookshelf Bombshells on the web.

‘Revived’ in Journey to Crone

JoAnne Bauer, Ph.D. earned her doctorate from New York University in Communication Arts and advanced degrees in Human Nature & Spirituality, Special Education, and Philosophy & Religion Studies. An international book co-author for Cambridge University Press (1993), she also wrote research papers presented nationally and taught secondary school writing.  JoAnne has been honored as a special education director and for her nonprofit leadership, scholarship and research, environmental activism, events & publicity coordination, and visual arts. To date, her poetry has appeared in several collections and has been juried into: Poet Tree (Exiles Press, 2013); Caduceus (2013); Rhubarb (2012); Theodate (Hill-stead Museum/Sunken Garden Poetry, 2012); Where Flowers Bloom, (Grayson Books, 2011); and the honored haiku anthology, seed packets (bottle rockets press, 2010). Also, JoAnne has won prizes and honorable mentions in recent state poetry contests and has served as publicity officer of the CT Poetry Society Board of Directors.

‘Silences out of Sound’ in Journey to Crone

Dominika’s writing has or will appear in A Different Art, The James Joyce Quarterly, Wordgathering, The Bellevue Literary Review, Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity, The Culture of Efficiency: Technology in Everyday Life, What I Want From You: An Anthology of East Bay Lesbian Poets, Ghosting Atoms, and Cripping Femme, and her poetry manuscript, Smothered Breath, is forthcoming. She teaches at U.C. Berkeley, where she completed a PhD in English and Disability Studies. Her full-length solo show, My Body Love Story, recently kicked off the 2012 National Queer Arts Festival at the Garage Theater in San Francisco. She has also performed at Girl Talk, the Marsh, CounterPULSE, Queer Open Mic, Femme Con, Butch Voices, the Society for Disability Studies Annual Conference, and the Knitting Factory in NYC. For more information, you can visit her blog site www.dominikabednarskaspeaks.blogspot.com or Facebook page.

‘Jessica’ in Journey to Crone

Carolyn is a fledgling writer who has had, in the past few years, several short stories and poems published online, in magazines and in anthologies.  She is in her second marriage and has three children by her first husband. She also has three grandchildren. Writing is like dark chocolate which has to be nibbled each day. She loves theatre, dance performances, film, music, gardening and meals with family and friends. A dark story, I Don’t Want To Play In Your Yard, which is emotionally challenging, has recently been accepted for publication by an American publisher.

‘Visiting Siracusa’ in Cities

Adam is the author of the novels The Number of Missing (Spuyten Duyvil), the boxing novel Both Members of the Club (Texas Review Press/winner of the Clay Reynolds Novella Prize), Belmondo Style (St. Martin’s Press/winner of The Publishing Triangle’s Ferro-Grumley Award) and Headlock (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill).His stories and poetry have appeared in numerous journals. He teaches writing at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City and co-edits J Journal: New Writing on Justice. For more, please visit http://adamberlin.com/

‘Prayer for the Lost Ones (abortion poem)’ in Journey to Crone

Kelly is a thirty-one year old writer, teacher, mother and ex glamour model. Needless to say, her own journey to cronehood is proving to be tumultuous, but always interesting! She lives in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales with her daughter where the landscape is constantly inspiring her, and is a practicing Buddhist. She writes voraciously, and has been published in online magazines and anthologies, as well as writing a regular column in Buddha Chick.

‘The Apparition’ in Tales of Mystery, Suspense & Terror

David is a horror author from sunny Arizona. Growing up, he loved the classic horror movies as well as the new. He spent much of his time reading horror novels and science thrillers. He lives with his wife and daughters. Between writing short stories, he is working on a novel.

‘Satellite Dishes and Laundry’ in Cities

Rachel’s poems have appeared in The Hawaii Review, Poet Lore, Fugue, Poet Lore, Fugue, Main Street Rag, Kimera, Poetry East, Nomad’s Choir, Mad Poet’s Review, Bluster, 96 Inc., Bellowing Ark, Slugfest, Thin Air, Taproot Literary Review, True Romance, Lucid Stone, Green Hills Literary Lantern, California Quarterly, and Chest. She has had poems in the anthologies A View from the Bed and Chuffed Buff Books’ Cities (forthcoming). Two of her poems have been nominated for Pushcart prizes. She holds Master’s degrees in English Literature and Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She teaches in Quincy, Massachusetts.

‘Moonglow’ in Sunday Snaps: the Stories

Dominique is an up and coming writer from Rochester, New York. A Lupus, Breast Cancer survivor and single mom, she left the corporate world to pursue a career in writing. Dominique has been writing since childhood and uses her love of writing for therapy and meditation. In her spare time she also creates and designs her own jewellery, and is an advocate for women of colour affected by Lupus and Breast Cancer in Rochester. Since being diagnosed Dominique wanted to bring the issues of Breast Cancer and Lupus to light for others by blogging about this deeply personal and difficult journey at Caring Bridge.  Dominique also keeps a monthly blog showcasing her short stories and poems at www.cancerouslupus.blogspot.com and can be found on twitter as @DominiqueBoller.

‘Venomous Vase’ and ‘Life through My Eyes’ in Journey to Crone
Song from the Streets’ in Cities

Paola is a poet and teacher trainer from the UK. Her first poetry collection is:The Blemished Rose: Volume One (Matador). Her poems have appeared in anthologies in the UK, most recently in What the Dickens magazine and Journey to Crone (Chuffed Buff Books). Her poetry blog: www.trappedbutterfly.weebly.com.

‘From Darkness to Light’ in Journey to Crone

Naomi was born in Baltimore, Maryland in December 1993. She is a currently a resident of Louisiana, where she graduated from Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts in May 2012. She is continuing her education as a student at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, where she is studying Psychology. It is her hope to one day become a family attorney. When she is not sitting in class or studying for an exam, Naomi works as a bookseller at a local bookstore.

‘Late Mother’ in Journey to Crone
‘Cassandra’s Daughter’ in Tales of Mystery, Suspense & Terror

Maureen is an ex-patriate Liverpudlian living with her musician husband on the island of Anglesey, off the coast of North Wales, where they try in vain to evade the onslaught of their children and grandchildren. She has had about three dozen poems and short stories published. She also writes song lyrics, mostly comic political satire, which her husband has performed in Folk clubs throughout England and Wales. She loves her family and friends, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Shakespeare and cats.

‘The Right Decision’ in Sunday Snaps: the Stories

Juliet lives in the south west of England and has been writing short stories in her spare time for just over two years.  She doesn’t like to restrict herself to a particular genre or length of story, which is why her work can be found in quite diverse locations on the internet and in print.  Her biggest success to date has been to have a Doctor Who story published on audio CD by Big Finish Productions as a result of a competition she entered in 2010.  She has also been published on the Ether App and on websites such as The Pygmy Giant, Micro Horror and upcoming on Eschatology.  Juliet occasionally blogs at http://www.juliet-boyd.blogspot.com/.

‘Pictures from London’ in Cities

Jerry is Professor of English at Lamar University. He is the author of five books including The Movement: British Poets of the 1950s and two books of poetry: The Importance of Elsewhere and Simple Versions of Disaster. His poetry has appeared in New England Review, Modern Poetry Studies, Poetry Magazine, and Southern Humanities Review. He is poetry editor of Concho River Review.

‘Queenie’ in Cities

Nancy is a Southern California professor, poet, and writer who has recently published a modern fairytale (‘Ready or Not!’) in the Grimm and Grimmer, Vol. 2, a mermaid poem (‘I Want Him Not’) in Of Sun and Sand, and a short story (‘The Safe Zone’) in From the Depths a Story Will Rise: Stories from Home. She is completing her novel Gunnysack Hell. She also writes academic articles on literacy development, is involved in web-work for publishers, and has participated in poetry and short story readings. Visit her blog at http://grannywrites.com/.

‘She Wore Me Out’ in Journey to Crone

Maggie is a writer who lives in both Ireland and Maine, USA. Her poetry has appeared in The Naugatuck River Review and Crannog Literary Magazine. A past recipient of the Columbine Award for Best Screenplay at the 2004 Moondance International Film Festival, Maggie was also awarded the 2011 Maine Literary Award in the short fiction category. She is currently working on a novel and continues to write poetry. Her new website, www.maggiebutler.net, is coming soon!

‘Crisis of Personality’ in You, Me & a Bit of We
‘Mother’s Day Card’ in Journey to Crone

Miki is the author of Nice-bits & Hissy-fits and Mackerel Sky. Both collections of poetry. She reads her work at festivals and open mics. Miki has had work included in over 120 poetry magazines and anthologies. She has won many prizes for her poetry and has read on both Radio and TV and judged poetry competitions. She has had ten short stories published to date and contributes articles to magazines. Miki is disabled and writes something every day. Her new collection Flying Through Houses will be available from Indigo Dreams Press in the autumn. View Miki’s poems and stories on her website: www.mikibyrnepoetry.com.