On Tuesday 13th March, we experienced a technical glitch with our mail server and for a brief period were unable to receive email.  The problem was fixed by around 5pm (GMT) on the day and it appears that submissions sent during that time were eventually received, albeit with a lengthy delay.

All submissions received up to today (16th March) have been acknowledged, logged, and confirmation of receipt sent.

If you have not received an email stating that we received your submission, particularly if you sent it on Tuesday, could you please send it again.

We apologise for any inconvenience but would like to make sure that nothing is missed.

*Please note, if you are submitting poetry, a confirmation will be sent per email, not necessarily per poem.  For example, if you send an email with two poems, you will receive one confirmation.  If you send two emails with a poem in each, you will receive two confirmations.  It is probably easiest if multiple poems are sent together in one email, but it is fine if they are not.  Just note that if you have sent more than one email and you only have one confirmation, you might want to double check that is has been received.

This only pertains to submissions sent earlier this week.  Since then everything seems to be ticking over quite nicely!


(22/03/2012 – Just an update, this issue is resolved and has remained isolated to 13th March.)



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